Firewall Configuration

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Firewall Configuration

A firewall is a program purpose-built to restrict unauthorized access to or from a private network. In computing, the firewall works as an armor between a trusted, secure internal network and external network that is assumed to be insecure and untrustworthy. It comes in the form of a software solution or hardware appliance or a combination of both. All messages entering or leaving the intranet must be filtered by firewall to ensure its authorization. Any message failing to meet the specified security criteria is reported to be blocked by firewall.

Reasons Why We Need Firewall Configuration

Firewall configuration is indispensable for optimizing the security of your network. As web browser is a vehicle to travel the online world so as the conduit that allows unauthorized applications like viruses, spyware, or malware to create asylum in your system. This is where the worth of firewall configuration is perceived as it acts as a barrier between your computer and the network port to prevent intrusion of malicious elements. All in all, firewall configuration eliminates the risks of data loss and security breach.

Benefits of Firewall Configuration

  • Monitors traffic
  • Prevents Trojan intrusion
  • Restricts hackers from accessing your data
  • Blocks keyloggers
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