Refund Policy

  IMPORTANT – We offer a 30-day Money Back   Guarantee with 100% Customer Satisfaction on every  Service/Product we offer

Secureany Tech Support has a one call refund policy. After yearly subscription Auto renewal charges non-refundable. You may request for a refund upon cancelling your subscription within 7 days of purchase of your subscription. Once we receive a request refunds are processed within 7- 10 business days, then it takes another 3-5 days to be credited to your Credit card or Bank Account.

Secureany Tech Support’s services are delivered on an integrated delivery platform, which allows us to support your computer(s) remotely. The services we provide may not be successful because the problem you are experiencing may be beyond our ability to resolve remotely or and/or may be due to an irreparable software and/or hardware issue. If for any reason you are not wholly satisfied with the service, we will make commercially reasonable efforts to resolve the issue to you satisfaction.

Refunds are only processed after receiving a request via email from the registered email address in our records. Please send your email to [email protected] We do not process requests over chat and phone. Terms which may void the refund request are:

I. If a licensed version of anti-virus was installed on your system (desktop/laptop) and you are requesting for a refund for charges which you paid for the anti-virus.
II. If you have used technical support services on two or more instances.
III. If you are requesting for a refund from an email address which isn’t the registered email address.
IV. If you are requesting for a refund to a credit card which wasn’t the same as the one which you used to process payment while placing an order for your subscription.
V. If you have placed a request by any medium besides email.

Below mentioned charges will be applicable for processing all refunds
I. If cancelled within 24 hours of your purchase no cancellation charges would be applicable. If a licensed version of anti-virus was installed on your system (desktop / laptop), a standard fee of anti-virus, 59.99 local currencies, would be deducted.

II. All Secureany Tech Support services come with a money-back guarantee. For Per Incident (Single Fix Plan), in case our experts cannot resolve your computer problem or our repair doesn’t work, contact secureany Tech Support within 7 days of service delivery so we can try to resolve your computer problem again at no cost to you or if unsuccessful, provide you with a full refund for the purchase price.

III. Single fix plans are non refundable as it is a nominal charge for a one time service. However in the next 30 days the same issue reoccurs then we resolve it free of charge

IV. For our recurring subscription plan there is no refund for the one time set up fee but you, however if you wish to cancel the subscription( monthly recurring payment) ,you may request so by sending an email [email protected] from your registered email address in our records.

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